Get to Know Us

Obsessed with customer service, product quality, and amazing price points.

Our brands not only have to look and feel amazing but also have to have incredible prices.

We will thrive working together as our brands deliver value and innovation, always!

  • A Triple A team: Human capital is the most important asset any organization can possess. We have simply the best, most dedicated and experienced team who are adept at solving any problem. With over 70 years of combined experience, rest assured you are in good hands.
  • Lean and responsive structure: A very well-planned organizational strategy that enhances agile and effective communication to tackle follow-ups, bottlenecks, and day-to-day situations quickly and effectively. We get things done!
  • A culture comprised of long-term relationships: We are not here for a quick in-and-out sale. We strive to cultivate, maintain, and treasure long-term relationships with all our business partners—one that is based on trust and transparency. This is a must and we have it embedded in our skin, it is in our DNA.

Our people

Our core values are replicated by each and every one of us. We are proud of our essence and we will never lose it: Honesty, transparency, hard work and above all fun!

  • Communication, communication and after that, more communication: Weekly and sometimes daily updates with vendors and customers are paramount to our success. You will hear from us…a lot!
  • We are all about people: We are all on the same boat. Numbers are important to us but people are essential. NiuToys is what it is thanks to our people and our partners so taking care of both is simply the most important thing.

In its short history, NiuToys has achieved incredible things:

Our brands has been soldin over 30 countries and counting, more than 1.5 million units sold of our 1 pack free wheels, first TV commercial for one of our brands, positioning ourselves as great quality, innovative, value brands. 

We currently have offices in Mexico, Italy, Croatia, USA, Brazil and soon…Asia. 


And this is only the beginning! We trust the future is bright and we are becoming unstoppable!